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SAN ANTONIO – Our Lady of the Lake University’s (OLLU) campus recreation and International Folk and Culture Center hosted an end of summer bash that had Saints dancing to their own beat- literally.

If you were present at the Hawaiian pool party, then you can most likely say you learned the traditional ways of Hula dancing. The free class grabbed everyone’s attention at the luau and was not complete without giving students a Hawaiian wardrobe change.

IFCC Coordinator, Ciji Couvertier invited Rene’e Park to lead the Hula class and introduce authentic Hawaiian music and instruments. “One thing we really work on is being very diverse,” said Couvertier “We want everyone to have a piece of home and make sure everyone feels welcomed.”

OLLU student, Gloria Cervantes felt this event was a great way to get to know other students and said, “I hope to see more of these types of events, it was a really nice experience.”

If you missed out on this end-of-summer luau you can always catch the next event hosted at the IFCC coming in the 2019 fall semester. “So far we have tango lined up, square dancing, Brazilian dancing and country dancing,” said Couvertier.

For more information and dates of these classes contact Ciji Couvertier or Campus recreation coordinator, Kyle Belback.


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