March 2, 2021

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Campus Recreation: 2019 Spring Programs

By Kathleen Saenz
Haven’t accomplished that New Year’s resolution of getting into shape? If not, don’t fret. Instead, check out the new Spring Programs offered at the University Wellness Activity Center (UWAC). All programs are free and open to OLLU students, faculty and staff members. Each program will be held at the UWAC unless stated otherwise. Those interested are required to arrive ten minutes prior to the program to sign a participation waiver. Some of the programs offered are:

Sweatin’ with Sam:
Mondays 12:15-1pm
UWAC Activity Assistant- Sam Millan
This program focuses on working out the core through interval training.

Saints Blue Theory:
Tuesday 7-8pm
UWAC Activity Assistants- Brooke Caisins and Maryssa Zanal
Following Orange Theory Fitness high intensity interval training (HIIT), this program uses various circuit training routines (changes daily) and cardio workouts to build strength.

Pop-Up Yoga:
Wednesday 12:30-1:15
OLLU Senior Women’s Athletic Administrator- Adrienne Rodriquez
Participants must first sign up for this program at the UWAC to be added to a group chat. The group chat will inform participants about the different locations each yoga session will be held at.

Total Body Toning and Fab Abs:
Thursday 7-8pm
UWAC Activity Assistants- Maggie Garza, Nick Genthon, and Krystl Floyd
This workout activity includes intense 30-second workout routines.

OLLU Communications Manager- Marquita Eldridge
March 18th, April 8th, and April 29th- May 24th
Zumba will not be available until after Spring Break. The times will be announced upon signing up at the UWAC.

For beginners considering in participating in these programs,
UWAC Activity Assistant Maggie Garza provided some advice: “Never feel discouraged about yourself. You have to start somewhere.”

Saints Blue Theory in action. Image provided by OLLU Campus Recreation.

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