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By Gabriela Cavazos SAN ANTONIO—With 14 years experience in campus ministry, Joseph Liedecke has built strong connections with students of all faiths, spiritual journeys, and beliefs. Hired in June of this year as University Minister/Programing Coordinator, Liedecke is optimistic for the new connections that will be created on campus through his open door policy. “Students can come in and talk to me about anything and everything at any time,” said Liedecke. “I get my energy and my life from working with the students.” At the age of seven, Liedecke began to discern a career in ministry through his experiences as an altar boy. “At that early age I felt a call to become a priest, and in my twenties I entered a seminary. I was there for three years,” Liedecke said. However, Liedecke felt his call in life was elsewhere. After receiving and email of an opening with the Archdiocese in campus ministry Liedecke applied. With over 20 people applying, no campus ministry background, and Providence on his side, Liedecke received the position in a career field that would prove to last him over a decade. Liedecke became the Campus Minister for San Antonio College through the Archdiocese for 13 years before a change of events occurred. “In March of 2015 my position changed,” Liedecke said. “It became part time, and I had to leave.” Just like before when Liedecke first began his campus ministry career, he received another career-opening email that would lead him back to his roots. “I graduated from the Lake,” Liedecke said. “I have three sisters who graduated from here, my mother graduated here twice, and my nieces graduated from Providence High School.” The Awakening Retreat is offered every semester to students of any faith background who are interested in building a relationship with God and developing their faith. “I love programming, and to be working with the Awakening Retreat really excites me,” he said. Along with the Awakening Retreat, Liedecke will be teaming up with the Social Justice Organization to give ministry events a social justice twist. Liedecke can be reached in Elliott House, room 200, for all students who would like to meet OLLU’s University Minister and build the connections he lives for.
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