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By Levi Rios

SAN ANTONIO—Eric Byrd, who works at Sister Annie B’s Cafeteria as a cashier, wasn’t discovered for standing helpfully as an usher or for showing spirit, but for his dance performance. That’s right – Byrd is a dancer.

The AT&T Center, where Byrd works as an usher at events, noticed Byrd for his charisma and moves during half-time shows and when random music would come on. The San Antonio Express-News later discovered Byrd and featured him in the newspaper.

“They saw me on the Jumbotron at the AT&T center and they were encouraged by what they saw,” Byrd said. “The camera man was pointing everywhere and I saw other people dancing, I just started dancing.”

Byrd feels excited whenever he puts on an impromptu show.

“I feel like one of the chosen ones – oh my!”

He loves the reactions from the fans at the games.

“Ooh, I’m one of the celebrities now,” Byrd said. “They want to see me now more than they did before.” The fans’ reactions have kept him going.

Byrd performed at this semester’s OLLU pep rally.

“It was very encouraging, and I tried to encourage everyone else!”

Students have complimented Byrd for his dancing.

“They think I’m doing pretty good,” Byrd said.

Byrd will dance at the Battle of the Flowers parade in April. Footage of Byrd dancing at the AT&T Cener can be found at  
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