By Aria McGee

SAN ANTONIO—Attending the Business networking dinner was such a useful experience, and if you did not go to the one this week, be on the lookout for the one in October. Now, the purpose of me going was to ask the employers if they could tell me some things that students looking to work should know. I had some nice conversations with them and I came up with a list of 20 things you should know that employers want to see.

Each employer that I met told me that confidence is everything. You have to know you why you are there and what you can bring to the table. If you got the interview YOU GOT THE JOB, so don’t go in nervous. Go in level headed and positive.
2) Money really can’t buy happiness
Be looking for a career not a job. You have to want to succeed and be able to see beyond where you are. Be clear on what you want so that you aren’t working just for money. You should always do something that makes you happy. Never let it be ALL about the money. Now if that’s all you are worried about then do you, but at least make money doing something you love.
3) Do your research
You should not go into an interview and not already have a basic understanding of what you have applied for. Employers want you to know what they are about. So just be prepared for anything.
4) Appearance is no more than a check
Know the environment! Business Dress gets you in the door, but knowledge keeps you there.
5) Know yourself and know your resume!
If they ask you something off of your resume you need to have a story behind it. You got a bad grade? Okay tell them why, and point out how you got better grades semesters after because you learned from it.
6) Make Conversation
Say this aloud, “If I got the interview I got the job”, and you better believe it. Do not let basic interview questions shake you up. Be able to emit your personality during the interview. Whether that be making a joke or a light hearted story. But be fluent not robotic.
7) Don’t be stubborn
Coachability is a must, you have to be open to taking advice, and constructive criticism. Not rude criticism, which you may come across, but just be open to it. You can’t expect an employer to keep you around very long if you can’t listen.
8) Creativity
It’s okay to think outside the box! Do not be afraid to share your ideas, your idea could change a business for the better and grant you access to a new position.
9) Be well rounded
Employers look for a little bit of everything no matter the job description. Be tech-savvy and a good writer. Be able to work in a group and independently. Every attribute counts.
10) About your resume
KEEP IT TO 1 PAGE. I cannot express enough how adamant the employers at the networking dinner were about keeping short. They do not need a book they need the basics of it all. If you from this realize that you need help with your resume, please feel free to visit OLLU Career services.
11) Networking is key
Events like the networking dinners are how you get yourself out there. It is always a good idea to be friendly and build positive business relationships because one of those people you have met could help you get a job in the future. And those networks can become great references for jobs.
12) Internships
Something that it’s great to have is EXPERIENCE, and internships are the perfect way to do that.
13) Phone Interviews
When you give an answer give specific examples. Such as you have great typing skills, tell them how many words you can type in a minute, something like that.
Don’t lie on your resume, during your interview, just don’t do it at all. If you say that you know how to work something know how because they will expect you to know how to do something. Be honest with yourself, if you qualify you qualify if you don’t you don’t, keep on truckin’ cowboy. Or girl.
15) “If you are on time, you’re late” –Professor Winstead
That goes for everything. If you need to be there at 3 get there at 2:45.

Overall just have a good work ethic, be motivated and be determined. People like go-getters, so always work hard and aim high. Disappointments will come but do not let them defeat you. Look obstacles in the face and say, “I can and I will”.

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