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SAN ANTONIO – On Dec. 25, 2021, three international students at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) released their final episode to conclude the first season of their self-produced podcast.

Joseph Baker from Llantwit Major, Wales, Josh Sturt from Portsmouth, England and Josh Brook from Bournemouth, England, are three international student-athletes at OLLU. The three students produced their own podcast, Brits Abroad, in October 2021 and concluded the last episode of their first season on Christmas day.

The idea was collective amongst the three students as they all enjoy listening to podcasts on different subjects. They were quick to transform the idea into a reality when they began to record within the same week.

“We would joke that the conversations we had on particular subjects were so funny that it would be good to record them so we wouldn’t forget them,” Sturt said. “So, the next time we had such a chat we just recorded it! We also get asked a lot about British life and how different it is to America. This gave us a good idea for the overall theme of the podcast.”

The podcast began in Brook’s cupboard with the three podcast members, along with their guests, huddled around an iPhone to record the sound.

The Veronica Salazar Media Center in OLLU’s main building also offered them a new space in which they could record.

“The studio was definitely more professional with sound deadening and professional microphones,” said Josh Brook, OLLU golfer and podcast member. “Helped bring the quality of the sound higher.”

Brook said that they had a few glitches at the start of the recording studio but hopefully those can be ironed out, however if these still affect them then they may have to resort back to the cupboard.

“Our guests consist of friends as well as people who have interesting stories to discuss,” said Joseph Baker, OLLU goalkeeper and podcast member. “As the podcast continues to develop, we hope to branch out and get more guests on who we may not necessarily be friends with but are interesting people with a story to share.”

Brits Abroad does not have a set genre. Instead, they discuss relevant and newsworthy topics. However, when they feature a guest, they will typically structure the topics to fit their guest.

For season two, the trio are looking to maximize the success of the podcast, such as adding more guests while keeping the original roots of the podcast.

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