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By Bianca Garcia SAN ANTONIO—Students can expect to see a change over at Sister Annie B’s Cafeteria starting Monday, Jan. 29. Breakfast is now offered on the north side of the cafeteria and will resume normal breakfast hours, beginning at 7 a.m. The north side of the cafeteria is located on the larger end of the Sister Annie B’s Cafeteria. The menu items featured on the Saints Café side or (south) of the cafeteria will be available in the Sister Annie B’s area. The change is only in effect during breakfast hours. Betty Gomez, Sister Annie B’s cashier, said traffic on the south side of the cafeteria was a little slower…it’s a lot better on this side (north). The cafeteria has done the breakfast switch in the past, but Gomez said they are testing it out to see how the change will do among faculty, staff, and its students. Gomez said the transition is better for the staff. They don’t have to run back and forth from the north to the south. Both sides will remain open during breakfast hours but breakfast will only be served on the north side.
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