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This school year OLLU has taken on a new tradition, by offering undergraduate students textbooks and other course course materials at no cost.

This year our lady of the lake has helped it’s students save time and money. The university has started a new OLLU all access program, centered around its undergraduate students. The program ensures these students will receive the proper books and materials to begin a successful first day of school at no cost.

The All Access Program allows textbook at no cost to undergraduate students because costs are covered as part of the course fees. Some of the reasons OLLU turned to the new program was to save students money and the hassle of searching online for their books.

There are large numbers of textbooks at the OLLU bookstore that have still not been be picked up. If you’re and undergraduate student and you don’t have all your textbooks for this semester. Visit the bookstore or check your school emails for a bookstore notice. Visit the OLLU All Access Program website for more information.

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