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It is National Poetry Month and to celebrate I have been sharing a poem a day in a Facebook and Twitter thread. Reading poetry has been a huge blessing in my life and given me an awareness for social justice issues. If you hadn’t noticed yet, throughout my book reviews this semester I have been hinting at the need for people to read more poetry. Therefore it should come as no shock that I am doing the same for this issue! Here are three poetry books I have recently read that you should definitely add to your collections:

“Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better” by Madisen Kuhn. 

Published in 2018, Kuhn writes that this book is for “anyone who aches to feel understood.” Mixing in visuals throughout she beautifully highlights the urge to feel accepted. 

“Lord of the Butterflies” by Andrea Gibson. 

I pre-ordered Gibson’s newest book of poetry as soon as they revealed it online. I have been a fan of Gibson for years and was ecstatic when my package finally arrived, and “Lord of the Butterflies” did not dissapoint! Gibson continues to tackle huge themes such as gender identity, LGBTQ+ issues, heartbreak and gun violence in a seam- less way. Their poetry is a call-to-action and ensures that the reader or listener will feel empowered to go out and showcase passion afterwards. 

“Becoming Coztötötl” by Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros

This beautiful chapbook was published last month by Our Lady of the Lake University’s own first year graduate student in the MA/MFA Literature, Creative Writing and Social Justice program, Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros. She effortlessly showcases what it means to be a Tejana poet in this collection. Her imagery is insightful and her themes are impactful. She showcases the power to present such heavy themes in a lyrical form. Purchasing this chapbook is an absolute necessity for your poetry collection!

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