June 24, 2021

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Black Panther Fighting Racism?

By Paul Marquez

SAN ANTONIO—Marvel’s Black Panther appears to be what our divided country needs right now. The United States is deeply separated regarding racism. According to SACURRENT, a San Antonio reporter was racially attacked. Attacks of racism appear to be on the rise across the country. San Antonio can be considered a minority city, but is racism happening more often than we think in our own city?

OLLU Alumni Mark Anthony tells me he has faced racism on a few occasions.

“It’s happened a few times, you notice it quickly.” Anthony said.

Anthony explains how he went for service on his vehicle. While at the car shop the mechanic ignored Anthony and starts to speak with another customer. The issue arises when Mark Anthony explains he was first in line.

“The mechanic just had me waiting, while he talked to an older white woman.” Anthony said.

Anthony feels he was singled out, because he was Hispanic. He tells me that was the first and last time, he will never do business with that company.

Does President Donald Trump make matters worse?

OLLU Freshman Christine Trevino feels like he has not helped.

“His words divide us more each day.” Trevino said.

Trevino is speaking regarding Trump being involved with Steve Bannon. While Steve Bannon is no longer working in the White House, people feel the damage has been done.

Recently, in Florida a gunman opened fire on a high school. Suspect Nikolas Cruz is being described as a homophobic, racist with anti-semitic views. This calls into question, why racism appears to be on the rise. On any given day, the news may cover a story about racism happening across the country.

One groundbreaking movie to date is currently Black Panther. The movie has become a major milestone for superheroes. The movie showcases a predominantly black cast, a first for superhero movies. While the movie has received a 97 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, there are some who are using social media to cause trouble. Twitter tolls are trying to stir up fake stories. The stories involve issues about being attacked while attending Black Panther showings. Many on social media were quick to debunk those rumors.

Freshman Josh Media has seen Black Panther and tells me why it’s important for everyone to watch it. Media says, “The movie made me want to visit Wakanda.” While Wakanda cannot be found on any map, the cultural references in the movie are plenty.

While racism is a hard issue to discuss we must remember to speak out. We as college educated citizens must take the time to take charge. When any kind of racism is seen or heard, remember to educate. If the movie Black Panther has taught us anything it is that we can come together without attacking each other. The world can be a nasty place, it is up to us to change that.

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