Black History Month is a month to celebrate African Americans who have accomplished something great or impacted the lives of others. San Antonio native, Gina Fuller is an African American veteran that has accomplished many things in her 37 years, including obtaining multiple degrees and currently working on a masters of science in advanced materials engineering at UTSA.

Fuller has had some obstacles in her live to overcome such as the loss of her brother at an early age, as well as her father a few years ago. While perusing her degree, she is also working full time. Fuller stated that although it is hard, “if you truly want to do something, just go for it”. Fuller says she thinks it’s exciting to be one of a few Black people in the science, technology, engineering, and math program (STEM).

Fuller served as a sergeant in the Army for 8 years. While in the Army, Fuller said she did not face any discrimination or have any issues being a minority in the Army, Gina said, “I never had any issues being a minority in the Army. The military is always recognizing diversity. The military has always been super inclusive.” During her 8 years in, Fuller said is where she gained her confidence

When asked about any discrimination or issues in her personal life, Fuller said she feels that she did not really face anything that she can remember. “Times have changed and things are different. My parents were worried for me not just because of my ethnicity, but because I’m gay too. It was more from things they experienced in their time, then in my own.”

Fuller plans to return to the military after she gets her degree, but this time to the Navy where she wants to become a Nuclear Propulsion Officer. After doing some more time in the Military, her next goal is to work for companies in the space sector and working on spacecrafts.

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