By Erica Guevara

SAN ANTONIO—Love Black History Month? The Saints Productions Board (SPB) is hosting their Black Coffee: No Sugar, No Cream event on February 27, 2018 in Providence West Social Room at 7 p.m.

This free event is in honor of Black History Month. It is a open mic event that allows people to express their themselves through poetry.

“Black Coffee: No Sugar, No Cream, is our annual poetry open mic in honor of Black History Month. This event is important because it is an event that engages SPB with the student body. This event allows for students to get up on stage and express themselves artistically. I love that it is a tradition that gets better each year!” SPB President ,Stefanie Fairweather said.

This traditional event is well known on campus. Many students, alumni, staff, faculty, and people from the community, come out to show their support. 

“Black Coffee: No Sugar, No Cream is a culture event that allows OLLU students, faculty and staff to express their feels on current events and situations. This is event has a significant importance to me because of the history behind poetry. “Black” poetry draws its inspiration from musical traditions such as gospel, blues, jazz and rap. It tells of the slavery to segregation to civil rights and the equal rights movement. No matter the ethnicity or race, poetry can bring together a nation. It depicts the Communication between souls. I have been coming to this event for around 7 years. Both as a OLLU student and now as staff member.” Alumni and OLLU Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, Naya Willridge said.

Black Coffee: No Sugar, No Cream is loved among many here at OLLU. Wouldn’t you like to be apart of it?

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