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By Kevin Romine


Big changes are happening at Our Lady of the Lake’s University (OLLU) student newspaper. With a new leading staff, magazine and crew, The Lake Front is heading in a new direction this semester.

Lake Front News at O.L.L.U. has had a campus newspaper and newscast for many years now, but this year a new opportunity was presented to students.

‘Having a magazine has really expanded their experiences by writing features for the magazine’ said Professor Alexis Arreguin.

Lake Front News advisor/Professor Arreguin says he is excited about the changes and the new staff. Student Melissa Aguirre is the new assistant editor in chief of the lake front newspaper. Aguirre is hoping to bring a new sense of community to the lake front.  

“Some of our main changes that we are trying to focus on is we are trying to include more of the student body in our stories so we are focusing more on highlighting student features, faculty and staff and adding more color to our paper as well as a lot of pictures.” 

In addition to Melissa, Sophia Mora has taken the reigns as Editor-In-Chief with Catalina Sanchez serving as Public Relations and Design Director.  

If you think you have what it takes you can contact the paper for available staff positions. 

“We are always looking for new students and we welcome any students from all majors.”

If you would like to work for The lake Front, you can call 210-434-6711 ext. 2445 or email The Lake Front student news center at

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