LGC 2015
Courtesy Photo from LGC 2015

By Ida Hernandez

SAN ANTONIO—On January 27, 2016 an all Greek informational was held at eight o’clock in UWAC 104 by the Lake Greek Council. Going Greek is the decision students have made on their own, however these fellow organizations came together to present information about themselves to inform interested students about all the things they do. Whether looking towards a sorority or fraternity, both have outstanding benefits such as academic standing, leadership opportunities, service commitments and much more.  Some might love or hate the idea but it is always important to not listen to hearsay. The informational is to find out about and question all the organizations or members that are available on campus. At OLLU, we have six recognized Greek organizations in order of establishment, Epsilon Sigma Alpha International (1991), Sigma Theta Epsilon National Christian Fraternity (1999), Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority Inc. (2009), Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. (2012), Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Inc. (2012), and Lambda Psi Delta Multicultural Sorority Inc. (2015). Going Greek is a decision at the end of the day, the members of the organizations are there to lend a hand and support their fellow OLLU students in all their endeavors.

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