Understand what is needed and allowed to cast your vote in this years November elections

SAN ANTONIO- Texas securatary of State John Scott has released a a series of educational videos to inform Texas voters all about the process in Texas called ‘SOS 101.’ These videos highlight how ballots are cast and counted, what voters should expect, how results are reported, and protocols and procedures in place to protect the security, integrety and accuracy of elections in Texas. For those ready to cast their vote, remember to look up your polling place by visiting VoteTexas.gov, during the early voting period, you can vote at any location in the county where you are registered. Once arriving to the polling place, one must show an ID to get checked in, bring any one of seven approved forms of photo ID. As for dresscode and allowed items, remember once one has crossed the 100-foot marker outside the polling place, one cannot cannot wear hats, t-shirts, buttons or anything else relating to a candidate or measure on the current ballot, and you may not use cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, sound recorders, or any device that communicates wirelessly within 100 feet of the voting stations. For any other questions about what is allowed at the polling place visit https://www.votetexas.gov.
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