Author: Emma Ramos

Writing the future, one word at a time

April 30, 2019

One of The Lake Front’s very own Co-Editors, Marina Flores, is graduating with her Master of Arts degree in Literature, Creative Writing and Social Justice. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication Arts from St. Mary’s University, Flores wanted to continue her education in a close-knit community with small class sizes for […]

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Dr. Quintanilla serves as the first male Poet Laureate of San Antonio

April 14, 2019

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Our Lady of the Lake University hosted A Night of Poetry, a reception and visual poem exhibit on April 4 to honor Dr. Octavio Quintanilla as he celebrated his first full year as San Antonio’s fourth Poet Laureate. Appointed by the poetry community and the mayor of San Antonio, the […]

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Pet friendly residence hall rumors for the near future

April 9, 2019

By Emma Ramos Rumors are circulating that Lakeview Apartments and Centennial Dorm Hall will allow small non-service pets next Fall. According to the Our Lady of the Lake University Handbook as of Spring 2019, “Due to health and safety concerns, pets are prohibited in the residence halls, with the exception of small fish in a […]

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