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By Aria McGee

SAN ANTONIO—Reverend Erika Forbes was here at OLLU to speak about ‘Living Out Who We Are.’ This event was very rewarding and anyone who got the chance to attend would most likely say the same. As result of this event, I gathered some points that could help you live authentically. After reading this, just think, what does your authentic life look like?

1. Sometimes you just have to love. Do not let a lack of love in your heart hinder you from living.

2. Be willing to stretch yourself. In life you must be open to pushing yourself past where you are comfortable. Don’t let the thoughts of something being too hard defeat you, you have to be willing to do the scary thing. Always take yourself to the edge of where you thought you couldn’t go. Because each time you overcome that, it makes you greater, and stronger.

3. You can’t be prideful. Stop thinking you can do it all by yourself. You must be open to allowing people to help you. You have to share what is going on in your life, because that way people can know how to help and encourage you. Choose wisely. Don’t go off sharing your struggles with the whole world. Only those who you know will love and help you. If no one comes to mind, go to God.

4. Trust the process. You have to be willing to let time do its thing! You may think you are ready, but God, the universe or whatever you believe in knows when you are ready.

5. Hurt is normal. When you live an authentic life, sad and bad things will happen. Your heart will break, but then it heals.

6. Think for yourself. Choose for yourself who you should listen to and why you should listen to them. That’s hard because we are constantly bombarded with what we should be. Have the strength to be yourself and be bold enough to make decisions based on where you stand. Listen not to what society wants you to do, say, or think, be strong and don’t let the thoughts of others become your own.

7. Things happen. You can’t be controlled by circumstances and situations. Sometimes you may have to create a door where there isn’t one.

8. Be willing to do the thing that shouldn’t do, or the thing that no one tells you that you can do. You have to be able to decide for you. Don’t be afraid.

9. Never fear change or choices. Don’t ever be afraid to change something. Sometimes things have to change, even when you are comfortable with the way things are. When you are comfortable, or when things are just ok, strive for better. Sometimes you have to make a hard choice: You may have to leave someone you love, for something that loves you.

10. You are a purpose with a purpose, and the results for living an authentic life are amazing.

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