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Covid-19 has impacted society in many ways. From masks to social distancing, what will Black Friday 2020 look like?

From 80% off jewelry to 60% off kitchen appliances, Black Friday is sure to have some amazing deals. Historically, Black Friday is a day of madness and chaos for some retailers as customers fight for the best deals of the year. However, as health experts and politicians encourage social distancing, is Black Friday encouraged? Amadeo Rivas, Our Lady of the Lake University student, doesn’t think so. “I don’t think it’s a good idea, I honestly, again, cases are going to surge if stuff like this goes down”.

In response to Covid-19, many businesses are preparing extended holiday deals. Instead of Black Friday only happening the day after Thanksgiving, retailers such as Walmart are hosting saving events across the entire month of November.

With deals happening all month long, we should expect buyers taking advantage of deals sooner rather than later. Although families are still likely to shop on the day of Black Friday, the month-long savings are sure to encourage some families to shop on another day. 

Another way Covid-19 is changing the holiday is with online savings. Throughout the month of November, retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart will be having both in store and online deals. To facilitate shopping this year, many retailers are also proving curbside pickup to ensure a contact-free shopping experience.  

Rivas prefers shopping online and encourages everyone else to do the same when Black Friday shopping. “You should order online, if you have the ability to order it online, then you can do it. If you have questions about that, you know, there’s always hotline operators”.

If you would rather shop in person, for your own safety, be mindful of social distancing and practice good hygiene. Rivas suggests “obviously wear your masks but also I suggest this year wear gloves too because there’s going to be a lot of people touching stuff, like grabbing stuff, and they might grab you, because I’ve seen footage of people fighting”.

Whether you choose to shop online or in store, it’s evident this year’s Black Friday is going to be unlike any other. Stay safe and happy shopping. 

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