January 15, 2021

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Are Students Getting Involved Around Campus?

By Erica Guevara

SAN ANTONIO—Throughout the school year different organizations here at Our Lady of the Lake University put on events for students to attend, but are students going, and if not why not?

Although the events that are happening around campus are usually free to attend, a drop in attendance has been seen thats according to the Saints Production Board, one of main organizations that puts on free events throughout the school year.

Organizations typically market events through social media, flyers, and word of mouth but one freshman we interviewed said they do not know when these events are taking place.

 “People like me do not even turn and look at the flyers. We just pass by them and read them once in a while. With emails we just open them or delete them.” Freshman Crystal Venegas said.

“I believe students are hesitant to get involved on campus because they have commitments off campus such as off campus jobs, families and other responsibilities that require the students to focus their energy solely on those commitments.” Scarlett Alonzo, coordinator of student leadership and development, said.

If students have any ideas on how to better market school events or want more information on events please email sldmt@ollusa.edu

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