By Erica Guevara San Antonio—Finals are approaching for Our Lady of the Lake students. With assignments, presentations, and exams arriving, are students getting the right amount of sleep? Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr. De La Cruz said, “students are suppose to be getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night. This is the healthy amount of sleep students need, but it is amazing to see that often students are not getting this.” De La Cruz went on to say that students busy schedules inside and outside of academics can be factors in why they do not get enough sleep. Biology major, Crystal Venegas said, “It is hard to get enough sleep when you have other priorities other than school. Classes are stressful enough, so when adding clubs, organizations, work, homework, and other things on campus and off campus, it can be tough to balance everything. I usually get around five to six hours of sleep per night.” If you would like to talk to someone about any issues contact, Counseling Services at  210-431-4053 or visit them in Providence Hall.
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