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By Erica Guevara SAN ANTONIO— Our Lady of the Lake students have recently moved into the new Lake View apartments. Some furry friends have found a way to sneak into the new apartments as well. An anonymous source said, “I keep my dog in my apartment and no one has suspected anything. They tell us no pets are allowed but are not really enforcing it.” Students have questioned if pets should be allowed into the apartments or not. Some say yes and others say no. “Some pros of having pets in the apartments are having company, but on the other hand there are people like myself that are allergic to pets and even if there is no direct contact with them I’ll still have an allergic reaction. I think that for safety reasons pets should not be allowed on campus.” Freshman Andrea Torres said. “I’m personally against having pets because of my allergies and I believe OLLU should reinforce this issue by addressing it more because there are pets in the apartments.” “Pets should be allowed in the new apartments because they help relieve stress and can also help people that have anxiety. ” Freshman Mara Chavira said. “Although they should be managed, I feel as long as they are doing no harm, they should be allowed.” Director of Residence Life, Mark Center, emailed students stating, “I need to remind you that pets are not permitted. Disciplinary sanctions have already been issued, including hundreds of dollars in fines for failure to comply with this policy.  And remember, even if the pet is not yours, you are complicit and responsible if you allow it to enter and/or remain in the apartment. Section VIII. e. “No pets are allowed except fish.  Fish are limited to a five-gallon or smaller volume aquarium. You are responsible for the care of your fish.” A few residents at the Lake View apartments have been able to keep their pets due to the fact that their pets have been registered as service animals. To register your pet as a service animal, visit this site, US Dog Registry. Be sure to have all your paperwork in order to ensure that your pet is legally able to live with you on campus. Whether OLLU students will keep their furry friends with them or send them back home, the rules have been stated.
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