By Alexa Saavedra SAN ANTONIO—When dealing with a topic such as abortion, some are pro-choice or pro-life. For those who are against abortion like president of Pro-Life Saints Olivia Garza, they argue that what is in a pregnant woman is a human being, even more, it is her own child. “This is obvious and a primary observation is enough to ratify it,” Garza said. That is why pro-life groups support their campaigns to show the evolution of pregnancy from the moment of conception until it reaches its end. At conception, we become separate, living organisms. We have our own unique human DNA that sets us apart from everyone else,” Garza said. On the other hand, those who declare themselves in favor of abortion maintain their point of view in the denial. Determining what is specifically that given moment then becomes the crux of the matter. “Bodily autonomy is a part of attaining human rights, we have the right to self govern,” National Abortion and Reproductive Action League Pro-Choice Texas member Kattia Rodriguez said.   Some affirm that it will be human when it is born; others say that it will be as of week twelve, others as of twenty-four and, in general, each one puts the date according to their personal findings. “There are also abundantly used prefixes to highlight the potentiality of that being; one often used is pre-embryo, which one who is pro-life instead would define as pre-human,” Rodriguez said. In effect, between the two groups there is an unconquerable gap. The principle that encourages pro-life can be discussed, since it is based on scientific or rational criteria. To prove their arguments it will be enough to show that the fetus is not a human being from the moment of conception. Another rational option to prove the pro-life would be to venture a definition of “human being” that can be applied necessarily to all the individuals of the species, born or not. Given that the real debate is impossible, everything is reduced to pure self-belief.
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