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SAN ANTONIO–Many may know senior basketball star Darion Brown as “Mr. 1K” or by his extravagant hair flying down the court for the Our Lady of the Lake University’s basketball team. However, Brown is more than just an elite player on his way to play professional basketball; his captivating personality has touched the lives of many individuals on and off the court. Brown, a Louisiana native was struck by tragedy at the age of 13 when Hurricane Katrina pummeled his hometown. Brown’s mother made the decision to move to the Dallas area due to all the damage Hurricane Katrina caused them. Brown’s love for basketball not only gave him a positive outlet growing up but also paved a way for him to receive a higher education here at OLLU with the loving support of his mother. Brown came to OLLU in 2014 and began his athletic career where he had an immediate impact on the court. Throughout Brown’s basketball career he accomplished so much on the court. Brown was named to the Red River All-Conference team three out of his four seasons and in his senior year received the scholar-athlete award; which recognizes star athletes who excel academically. However, one of his greatest basketball accomplishments at OLLU was the day he joined the coveted 1,000-point club which has only been done by five other men earning him the nickname “Mr. 1K” from his teammates. Brown finished his career with a total of 1,116 points for OLLU. When asked what Brown’s favorite thing about being here at OLLU was he couldn’t name just one. A couple of things Brown valued most about playing basketball here at OLLU one being the OLLU community and the other being able to be surrounded by such great teammates. Talking about the OLLU community Brown said, “They took me in and with winning everyone just loves you, but it’s a genuine love and they truly want to see the team succeed”. Brown also values the continued brotherhood he has gained from all his teammates; Brown recently had a birthday and was receiving birthday wishes from teammates he played with years ago and knowing that they still thought and remember him truly meant a lot to him. Brown didn’t want to just be known for his impact on the court but also his off the court impact. He was challenged by one of his coaches; if any player had a GPA over 3.5 they didn’t have to attend the team’s study hall. Brown used that as motivation and hit the books harder than ever before. Brown said bye to study hall after raising his GPA over 3.5 which then led him to receive the scholar-athlete award later in 2018. Brown was raised a Catholic and that made OLLU a perfect fit for him to be able to continue his religious practice, but also gave him the ability to encourage others to do the same. Brown became a member of a bible study group on campus and when the leader of the group graduated Brown took it upon himself to continue the Bible study groups bringing as many students together as he could. On December 13, 2018, Brown will be walking the stage receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Business Management with a minor in Kinesiology in a mere four and a half years, a monumental achievement for any college student, yet alone a student-athlete. Student-athletes are constantly on the road during the season so keeping up with their schoolwork is difficult. Brown said communication with the professors is one key to success but having the self-motivation and dedication to want to excel is the main key to succeeding academically throughout the season. As Brown ventures off into his post-college life, he will be missed around campus, but he’s going to miss; “Being a student, a college student; being a college student then going into the real world that’s a whole different story,” Brown said. Brown does have some advice for future students of OLLU; “Come in and be ready for a friendly environment everyone here actually cares about you and believe it or not no matter how hard the classes are the teachers and people really care about you”, Brown said. What’s next for “Mr. 1K” though? Well, Brown is off to Mexico! Brown will be playing professional basketball in Chihuahua, Mexico in hopes of being recruited to play in a European Professional League soon. Brown’s mother is excited he’s still going to be close to home with Chihuahua only a 10-hour drive from Dallas. Patty Constantin the Assistant Director for Sports Information at OLLU said, “I am proud of what he has accomplished, and I look forward to what he will achieve in the future.” To follow Brown’s career throughout Mexico and everywhere his talents take him, his Instagram and Twitter accounts’ screen name is 5TooCold.
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