OLLU alumna’s dream of opening an art and vinyl pop-up shop come true

  SAN ANTONIO – Female recognition, Latin culture, art, funk and dream pop music describe what one local business owner is bringing to San Antonio’s west side community.
Owner of Vinilious Records SATX and Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) alum Kristen Ibarra is doing what she loves the most.
Kristen Ibarra is in the process of opening an art and vinyl pop-up largely focused on female, Latin, LGBTQ+, local and allied artists while also promoting artists from across the globe.
“I think it came up in 2020 where we were like, let’s try something else,” said Ibarra. “Let’s see if we can do more of what we love because it was during the pandemic I think a lot of people’s creativity was sparked.”
Music promotion was not something that Ibarra’s partner had in mind, but she always wanted to do it.

Ibarra recently organized a live, two-day music event titled “Sonidos de Lejos” at a local bar, Jaime’s Place, in San Antonio’s historic Westside.

“Sonidos de Lejos, an SXSW Spillover, was a curation of Latin artists from around the world. Desta French from the UK, Balthvs, a psychedelic funk band from Colombia,” said Ibarra. “Bringing some of our local talents in was cool. Tarasco Tropical, who is from here [San Antonio], they do cumbias. Andria Rose, who is from here and focuses on dream pop.”
Ibarra supports a variety of groups, one in particular, queer female artists.
“On our second day, we had a few queer female artists. Neysa Blay from Puerto Rico, TITA from Guatemala, Dat Garcia from Argentina, Jackie Mendoza from California, Esteromance from El Paso, and Cuidad Juarez,” said Ibarra. “Many of these female artists told me that it already felt different since I was reaching out to them. I think it’s a very male dominant industry from what I hear.”
When deciding where the event would take place, Ibarra shared she wanted to find a welcoming place on the west side.
Ibarra mentioned that she wanted to support local businesses and college students who attend OLLU and St. Mary’s by providing them with an event near them that they would consider attending.
“I didn’t know anything about promoting artists or any of it, but I reached out to Jamie because that is a place I wished was around when I was there [west side community],” said Ibarra. “I had gone there once, and it felt like I was at my tio’s backyard at a party.”
Ibarra found her inspiration through her mother’s hard work, who supported her when navigating her professional journey.
“She [Ibarra’s mother] is very passionate about the arts and music and just tells me to go for it,” said Ibarra. “You can talk about what you want, but if you don’t make a move, how is it going to happen.”
You can check out Vinilious Records SATX’s next live event, “Y La Bamba,” on Friday, May 12, at Jaime’s Place.
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