By Chloe M. Brown As your last year rolls up, everyone will want to know one of two things: Where are you going and how was the journey? It’s a common reciting of reflection and moves on. However, for many, the reflection can be just as difficult as the question of what’s next. Here is a simple guide on how to say goodbye without ending up a mess. The first task is the most important task that you will ever take on, this is the task of not crying. Dry those misty eyes, because if you start then you have just opened the floodgates. It’s scientifically proven that if one person cries (and the other is not mentally deranged) that the other will follow in suit. This rule applies double to women and triples if these women are great friends. The next task is to not reminisce. Starting to think about how things were and going to the past will probably make you cry and that just violates the first task of not crying. If you must recall something (and the best advice is to avoid it entirely) then do it briefly. Keep all sentimental blurbs to a minimum. Do not talk about first meetings. Do not mention how you became friends. At all costs, do not share stories about helping you through difficult times. Stories of triumph with friends during hard times are surely a tear jerker and that’s what you are trying to avoid entirely. If you have managed to follow the first two steps then you are ahead of the curb. Most don’t even make it this far, and that’s perfectly understandable. The third task is to simply go. Don’t be afraid to move forward and take on this next part of your life. It seems simple to say that if you don’t leave there will be no reason to say goodbye, but by not leaving you are ruining opportunities to grow in ways you never thought were possible. Don’t risk lifetime experiences just to avoid momentary pain. Saying goodbye is hard, but it will be worth it in the end. That’s all it takes to say goodbye. If you manage to not cry, not reminisce so hard that you do cry, and actually leave then you will be fine from here on out. It doesn’t matter as much where you go as long as you understand that it’s important to go. Saying goodbye hurts, but it’s the kind of motivating pain that needs to be there to succeed. Here’s to all of those who have to say goodbye this semester and cheers to the ones that make it hurt the most.
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