SAN ANTONIO – If you are wondering who is organizing all the sporting events on campus, you can look no further then to the new Campus Recreation Coordinator, Kyle Belback. A 2015 graduate from Otterbein University, Belback began working at the Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) campus in July.

Born and raised in Fraser, Michigan, Belback describes his experience coming here for his interview very welcoming. “I immediately felt like I was a part of the family even though I was doing an interview for one day and I was really excited when I got the job offer a few weeks later,” Belback said. “I met some of the community members and everyone was so nice, warm and welcoming.”

Before working at OLLU, Belback had some thinking to do on what he wanted to do and work. “I was looking for a new area to move to and a career change,” Belback said. “Primarily, I was looking to get into Campus Recreation which was something I worked with in college.” Belback stated he helped run the Intramural program as a student at Otterbein for three years and he liked working and interacting with the students whom he came to meet in the programs. He decided that he wanted to get back into that, so he took the trip over here to be a part of the OLLU community.

Prior to working at OLLU, Belback’s first job was being an inside sales representative with a minor league baseball team called the Peoria Chiefs, where he got promoted to Account Executive by the end of the year. During the job, Belback worked as a ticket salesman, selling tickets, group tickets, seasoned tickets as well as being the person to call if you wanted to get tickets to go to the ballpark with some capacity too.

Aside from his work, Belback does enjoy his free time watching movies. “I’m a big movie person and I love going out to the movies and watching movies at home,” Belback said. “I also love playing sports, specifically bowling and baseball, fantasy sports like fantasy baseball and I’m a really big fantasy football person.” Along with his hobbies, Belback also loves watching sports such as baseball, basketball and football.

Attaining the position as the Campus Recreation Coordinator, Belback enjoys every moment of his time working to create events on campus for the students. “The thing that gets me most excited to come to work every day is getting to see the students smiling and having a good time where I can put on activities for them,” Belback said. “Seeing the community come together and have a nice time with the events I’m putting on is what it’s all about.” Being able to create the campus recreational events has been a moving factor for Kyle Belback in giving the students the chance to have fun, and ultimately, smile altogether.

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