SAN ANTONIO – Our Lady of the Lake (OLLU), University Ministry has a new Assistant Director. Sister Christina Chavez of the Congregation of Divine Providence (CDP) started this position on Aug. 19. 2019. Chavez has been working with the University Ministry to bring new events and opportunities to campus.

Chavez first joined the ministry program at the University of Texas in Austin. She then applied to the ministry program here on campus and has been working alongside the University Ministry ever since. Richard Galvan III, a student minister, said, “She is very fun to work with and she has a very warm personality.”

The University Ministry works under the Mission and Ministry Division of Our Lady of the Lake University. Chavez explained that their task is to “help keep the mission of the Sister of Divine Providence of being active and engaging on campus.” The University Ministry, located at the Elliot House, does its part in serving not only the student population but also partners with other departments on campus to help the surrounding community.

This semester the University Ministry has many new projects and events for the campus. One event being Ministry Mondays, which is a fun weekly event for students living on campus. These events will consist of things such as movie nights, games and open discussions about various topics. Chavez said, “What we want to do is spend time on the other side of campus and let people know that ministry isn’t only for the Catholic students here in any specific building. We are planning to put together things where we just bring people together and share a life together. That’s part of what ministry is.”

If you have any questions on upcoming events contact University Ministry at

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