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Photo credit: Everyday Health Photo of Hernandez (dressed in all black) at The Watcha! Film Series in honor of Women’s History Month.
SAN ANTONIO- National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States is recognized and is celebrated this year from Thursday, September 15th through Saturday, Oct. 15. Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) is recognized as a Hispanic Serving Institution and is proud of its Hispanic heritage. One way they show this is by having their own mariachi group. The OLLU mariachi ensemble is named Mariachi de Los Santos and its group members range from beginners to more advanced students. One student member, Cassandra Rodriguez, a Junior at OLLU, shared why she was motivated to become involved with Mariachi de Los Santos. “I originally saw them (the mariachi ensemble) play around the fall of last year, and it was interesting and I wanted to be a part of it and learn how to play guitar. I have only been in mariachi for two semesters. I can play the guitar pretty well and I am also a singer here so I do sing some of the solo songs,” Rodriguez said.  Hispanic music is very diverse and includes a wide range of genres as well as dancing styles. The roots of mariachi music can be traced back hundreds of years. The modern mariachi ensemble consists of a variety of instruments such as violins, trumpets, guitars, a vihuela and a guitarron According to sources from across the web, the top mariachi songs include songs such as “El Rey” and “Mexico Lindo Y Querido” by Vicente Fernandez, and “La Llorona” by Angela Aguilar.   “La Llorona” is a Mexican folk song inspired by an old legend and Mariachi de Los Santos will be performing it according to Rodriguez.  “I do sing some of the solo songs. Recently it has been “Tu Solo Tu” but we’ve been practicing “La Llorona” and it is most likely I will be singing that song as well,” said Rodriguez. For more information on Mariachi de Los Santos, visit
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