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Photo credit: Everyday Health Photo of Hernandez (dressed in all black) at The Watcha! Film Series in honor of Women’s History Month.
By Lake Front Staff SAN ANTONIO—For those out there looking for a good scare tonight, there are plenty in and around San Antonio. The city’s famed haunts are easy to find and could even be right in your own neighborhood.
Google Maps marks the Ghost Tracks with the words “Haunted Railroad tracks” on the map version and “Ghost Tracks” on the satellite version.
San Pedro Springs Park is rumored to be haunted. Being the second oldest park in the United States, it would be no surprise that some lost spirits have settled. According to some brave souls who stayed there at night, it is rumored to have the sound of children running about the park when none are around or even hear the instruments of Native American who might have inhabited the area. Then there is the Kindred Elementary School in which unexplained occurrences are frequent. With a plane having crash landed there, it is said that strange actions like sinks running and closing by themselves occurs. The more frightening however, being the voice that are heard when a visitor walks across the field. There is also the Graveyard on South Zarzamora St. Loma China Cemetery is a small piece of private property with a collection of graves that is also rumored to have restless spirits who make nightly appearances at the discretion of the visitor. Supposedly, if a visitor is to “make contact” need only drive up, flash their lights a few times, and keep the windows of the car down. It is said that then the dearly departed will show and possibly be heard. It is not recommended to visit as there is much to fear from the Groundskeeper, but should you choose to, encounter at your own risk. Finally and most notorious are the Ghost Tracks. This is a famous haunt frequented by locals looking for a good scare. Legend has it that if you dust the back of your vehicle with baby powder, you will see evidence of tiny hand-prints made by the small children killed in a school bus accident many years ago. Furthermore, your vehicle will be pushed off the tracks in an attempt by the children to prevent another fatal accident.  The tracks are located near the San Juan Mission at the Villamain and Shane intersection, it is there, (right on Shane Road) where the spirits of the children roam.
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