April 21, 2021

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A cheap way to relieve stress; donation-based yoga classes

Yoga studios around San Antonio offering donation-based classes to community

By Natalie Fazio

SAN ANTONIO TX – These days college kids are getting more than just a degree from their universities. Stress levels have been rising within the student population as the semester goes on and students are stuck trying to find a healthy, yet effective way to gain relief from the burdens of their workloads. 

Around the city of San Antonio, yoga studios are beginning to offer donation-based classes to the public. The belief of these studios and teachers is that yoga is a study of ones self and should be open to everyone, not just those who could afford a high membership fee.

Crystal Bowl and Yoga teacher Kimberly Jackson believes that yoga is a great way for students to find themselves during these stressful times. “Yoga and meditation is a part of gaining our core balance with the earth and can be very helpful in coming back to center when the world gets you out of line,” Jackson said.

While there are workout based yoga classes in place for donators to come and enjoy, there are also calming and relaxing yoga practices that students can pop in on such as crystal bowls, meditation, candle light yoga and many more. 

“It is nice to come here and take my mind off school and having to complete assignments. I am an athlete at Our Lady of the Lake so it is also like another way for me to get a workout in during the offseason,” OLLU student Anyssa Rivera said.

You can find Jackson teaching a candlelight yoga class every Tuesday night at 6:30 at the Mel Marie Yoga Studio or you can participate in one of the many donation-based classes offered throughout the week at Black Swan Yoga San Antonio. 

For more information: visit https://blackswanyoga.com or @kimberlyreneyogini on instagram

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