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By Laura Miguel

SAN ANTONIO-As fall has arrived, so has its festivities. Haunted houses and pumpkin patches around San Antonio have been opened since early October. 

These locations are taking safety precautions to allow their businesses to run and invite visitors to have some fun.

Here are places around San Antonio that offer a safe way to enjoy spooky season: 

  1. 13th floor Haunted House
Photo courtesy of 13 Floors San Antonio

Location: 1203 E. Commerce St San Antonio, TX 78205

The name of this haunted house holds a legend behind it. The number, 13, is considered unlucky in many countries, including the United States, therefore in most buildings the floor is omitted. However, you can experience what the floor holds with a 15-minute drive from campus. A face covering in required to enter and must be worn through the entire experience. It is recommended to purchase your tickets in advanced so you do not wait in line. For more information about the place or ticket sale visit their website.

2. Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Location: 329 Alamo Plaza San Antonio, Texas 78205

Rated the #1 haunted house in San Antonio, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, tells their visitors to expect to be scared every second you are in the mansion. This location is a year-round haunted house but might be a better experience in October. Tickets can be bought online. For more information about the place or ticket sale visit their website.

3. Good News pumpkin patch

Location: 11020 Old Corpus Christi Hwy San Antonio, Texas 78223

This pumpkin patch is a family friendly event with low cost activities for the whole family. There are hayrides, laser tag every Sunday, mazes, movies on Saturday night, and pumpkins. For more information about this patch, you can find them on Facebook as GoodNewsPumpkinPatch.

4. Owl Creek Pumpkin Patch

Location: 12355 Military Dr San Antonio, Texas 

If you are looking for a place to take pictures surrounded by pumpkins, then this is the place for you. They have several photo options, pony rides, hayride, petting zoo, and other things. This pumpkin patch is also offering haunting hikes during the weekend. For more information about their cost and operation hours, visit their website.

5. Six Flags Hallofest

Location: 17000 IH-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78257

They have two different sections: Thrills by Day and Chills by Night. The daytime event includes live entertainment for the family. However, at night visitors can expect a scare without warning. After 6 p.m. the park transforms into a “Hallofest”. This event also offers limited time Hallowfest food offerings, like Bloody Churro Sundae, Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake Sundae, and many other foods. The park is operating at a limited capacity and a reservation is required to attend. For more information about their event dates, dress code, and safety precautions, visit their website.

Hallofest at Fiesta Texas (Courtesy of Six Flags)

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