January 20, 2021

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Do all students really get the student discount?

By Elyssa Tijerina

San Antonio – The Alamo city provides students discounts in many different establishments. Places like; restaurants, bars, movie theaters, clubs, museums, even with special deal packages for sporting events! Yes, San Antonio provides many special discounts for all students, however,  some establishments around the city have a strict rule to provide these discounts to “Public School Students.” As we all know Our Lady of the Lake University is a Private institution and due to that status in the community some establishments choose to provide their discount to those who chose to attend public colleges or universities. An example of this practice come from a well known local business, San Antonio museum of Art.

After speaking with Emily Dujour, Communications Manager for SAMA, I was able to receive information about their student discounts which come in two different forms. The first is an example of what I call student selection, in which SAMA  provides free admissions for any student or employee that are a part of what they call corporate sponsorship. Underlining that as long as an institution provides a generous donation to the museum, the museum will then allow their communities to use their services. The current “Corporate Sponsors” that allow for free admission are from Alamo Colleges (SAC, St. Phillips, Northwest Vista, Etc.) and the private institution, The University of the Incarnate Word. Our Lady of the Lake University is not a partner for corporate sponsorship, therefore OLLU students must resort to the second example. Any college student, in the US, can get a discounted ticket for $12, where full price is $20. For any student the museum provides a 40% discount, but for “selective” schools, they get free admissions. This is just one example of how student selection works, and why some students don’t  get the full discount.

My next source for information about student discounts comes from a San Antonio native who has plenty of advice for using your student discount. OLLU Freshman Michael Moreno has had work experience in almost all of San Antonio, and he knows many places that will give student discounts. Starting off with the eateries; there are many places in San Antonio that’ll give students that small discount. Most Places give up to 15% off their bill, and even some places give free appetizers, during the school year. Most are Fast food places like Taco Cabana, Burger King, Chic-fil-a, and even Chipotle! Some Restaurants will even provide a discount to selective students in the area. Be sure to check with your local Taqueria!  Moving on to the next establishments on the list are in the entertainment category. As previously stated some museums give discounts for student on special days, but did you know that the student discounts also work for sporting events and movies? For local natives the San Antonio Spurs are a pretty big deal. So on Game day, in the morning, if any tickets are left available, they’ll go on sale at super low rates; some as low as $5! Say sports isn’t really your thing, and the museums aren’t cutting it for you. What’s the next best thing? Movies! According to my source who’s worked for different Companies over the years, Theaters like Santikos, Regal, and even AMC will give out special discounts for students, which is approximately the same price as Matinee. These savings will keep your college life fun, and your wallet full.

There are plenty of places around where students can utilize their student status’ for discounts. The one thing you have to remember is to always ask! Most places won’t display their discounts, so it’ll never hurt to ask the clerk, or server, or attendant. Hopefully this article was enough to inspire you to use your status as a student to the fullest in order to save the most money you can. So the next time you decide to let off a little stress with food or a night out, you can do it while saving money!

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