Hot campus is a new online platform to buy and sell on campus.
Hotcampus is a new online platform to buy and sell goods from fellow students on campus.
By Lake Front Staff SAN ANTONIO—Do you have a book that you have not touched in years? Or that bean bag that was an impulse buy? Or even some t- shirts that you don’t need? Well if you do, OLLU found an easy way for you to get rid of them, and even get some money for it. Our University joined a website where you can buy from fellow students, like used books, at a fraction of the price. Make some extra money by selling stuff you don’t use. Hot Campus is an online college marketplace that makes it easy to meet on campus for the exchange of goods and money. Hotcampus brings safety, since every ‘trade’ is done on campus between verified students and is simple to use. The website it is to be launched soon but you can get an early access through this link.  The goal is to help students lower their education costs, there is no fees for registration, and you just need to have a university email. To know more about them here is their facebook page.
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