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Online-Survey-By Lake Front Staff

SAN ANTONIO—With the new changes of the semester at The Lake Front, we have decided to get your opinion.

The Lake Front is asking the students of OLLU to help out and fill out a survey. By filling out the survey, you have a chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon. Filling out and completing a form puts you into a drawing and a winner will be chosen on February 14th, Valentines Day!

This is a great opportunity to tell us what you think about The Lake Front.

You can tell us why you read the paper, or why you don’t read the paper. We just want to know your inner thoughts. Feel free to recommend changes or new ideas to The Lake Front, we are always open and accepting to change.

Please fill out the survey to the best of your ability and don’t forget to include your contact information. we would like to make sure we can contact you when you win!

Here’s the link to our survey:

 Lake Front Survey

If you have any issues, email .

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