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By Roberto Camero SAN ANTONIO—The San Antonio Health Inspector visited OLLU’s cafeteria and found a number of minor infractions. The infractions are as follows: Undisposed cup of tea, dripping hot water faucet, broken fridge door, and rodent feces found at the back door of the kitchen. OLLU passed its health inspection with a B+ and passed its follow up inspection with zero infractions. While small in number, OLLU strives to give the best possible experience to its students in all aspects of campus life. That is why the kitchen staff at OLLU has taken steps to stop the possibility of being penalized for the same infractions upon a future visit. To further their efforts to keep a sanitary environment for students to eat, the cafeteria had the floors and walls completely steamed over by professionals to kill any and all germs that would reside there during a normal day. Roger Molina, the Director of Operations for SELRICO, is the acting General Manager of OLLU’s cafeteria. Molina has serviced several institutions throughout the San Antonio area that helps people of all ages. Molina states “We took care of every infraction we received within the same day.” This is proof of the diligent staff that we have working in the cafeteria and how OLLU prides itself for providing quality service with a smile. To further OLLU’s efforts of providing a sanitary cafeteria, exterminators visit the campus on a weekly basis to ensure that there are no pests roaming around the floors or in any areas that students inhabit to eat or do work. So take it from the staff that works around the clock to ensure that your food is safe to eat and is stored properly that there is nothing to fear when you take a savory bite out of your freshly made food.
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