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Cristina Arrieta 12/1/2020

The year 2020 started off shaky to begin with before the pandemic even hit us. Starting with the death of what some or most would call a Legend, Kobe Bryant. Bryant was a very famous athlete, basketball player, that had a lot of fans nationally and internationally. Even if people did not watch sports/basketball or even were not a fan of him- knew of him most likely. The death of him and his daughter was very sudden and a shock across the world. Following that prominent death was the first lockdown for COVID in March. Late February COVID was over-looked by most assuming it was nothing too serious, at least not serious enough for needing a lock down and serious enough to cause the amount of deaths that spiked in such a short period of time. I would say that before the March lockdown most were in denial of the severity of the virus but also, no one even knew anything about the virus which everyone learned later on, was probably the scariest part.

If these unfortunate events were not enough, after the lockdown and during quarantine (which seemed to be hand in hand) the internet exploded with violent content involving police brutality against minorities but mostly targeting black people. This angered a lot of people and it started off the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM). There were marches being held everywhere across the USA and even Internationally. There were social media wars going on, on the matter, between people, celebrities and also presidency on different opinions on racism and the BLM movement. There were peaceful protests but also violent ones as well. There was police brutality happening at the marches and also destruction of property. There was tear gas, arrests and even deaths/murders from some of the marches. This seemed to be the breaking point for the US- it formed a divide across the world. The BLM movement tied into the next major event of 2020- The election.

The election was something that had always been of topic before anything even happened in the year of 2020. But with the election being in November which was around the corner and with the United States being what some would say “out of control”- More voices were trying to be heard and more action were being done from “the people.” There were accusations of racism within the government and presidency, accusations directly against Donald Trump the current president. People were using their platforms such as their business, social media, voices etc. to stand for what they believed in whether it cost them fans, friends, family, customers etc. It is always said that there are things you just do not discuss with your peers, for example religion and/or POLITICS- 2020 changed that. Politics had now become more personal than it ever should be.  That all lead up to the actual election which resulted in Joe Biden winning for 2020 over Donald Trump. Joe Biden is now president of the United States of America with prior Senator of California, Kamala Harris, the very first Black and Indian American woman to be Vice President-elect.

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