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This year has been the most newsworthy year ever. Due to events like Covid-19 and the 2020 Election, society has definitely been more on edge compared to previous years.

For many, the madness began in March when there was a nationwide lockdown. During that time, Covid-19 had just begun making its way across the United States. Many were skeptical while other feared for their lives. Society was put to the test when panic set in. Grocery stores looked like scenes from horror movies. Shelves were empty, people were paranoid, and everyone fought for living essentials such as food and water.

Among the weird things that arose during lockdown, was the realization that toilet paper was sacred to many. For months toilet paper shelves were empty or limited in purchase quantity. The nationwide lockdown later ended in stages. Slowly but surely non-essential businesses began opening to the general public. Restaurants redid their seating arrangements to comply with social distancing, and other businesses saw changes like forced face masks.

In May, news began circulating about the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Protests arose and the Black Lives Matter movement returned to national headlines. Non-violent civil disobedience was practiced protesting police brutality and racially motivated violence against African Americans. Floyd’s arrest was caught on video and his cries for help were felt by the world. Protesters reenacted Floyd’s final moments yelling “I can’t breathe”. Social media saw a shift in posts with many supporting the Black Lives Matter movement by changing their profile pictures. Mural were painted on streets, walls and even on the NBA courts.

In the weeks prior to the Fall semester, there were concerns about studying in person due to Covid-19 concerns. Every grade from elementary to university was debated for logistical, financial, and health reasons. Ultimately, it was decided courses were to be held online due to health and social distancing reasons. Our Lady of the Lake University adapted most of its classes to an online format, however, some students were still required to visit campus if the class could not be taught online.

With the increased spike in online learning, students and faculty faced unforeseen complications. 3rd party software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams were depended on for learning. Zoom was not originally intended to host so many people at a time which meant crashes happened a lot. When Covid-19 cases spiked, society had no option but to move forward despite the complications. Internet connectivity, broken webcams, and privacy concerns were some of the challenges needed to be addressed to learn online. Society later adapted and began learning. When city and state officials deemed it was safe for students to return to campus, some students returned to class.

What made 2020 extra controversial was the presidential election. Americans needed to make a decision, a decision that would last at least 4 years, a decision that impacts every citizen, resident, and foreign ally. The final count showed Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 U.S Election. With him, Kamala Harris, as the first woman and woman of color as Vice President. This was a huge victory for many, especially Bexar county which primarily voted Democratic.

Many newsworthy events happened in 2020. As we approach the end of the year, is there still room for another event?

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