January 24, 2021

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Two OLLU students attending leadership institute

SAN ANTONIO – Approximately 200 non-traditional students attend Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU), they are the student veterans. Some just go to school and continue with their daily lives while other students go and explore what the Student Veterans of America (SVA) has to offer them. The leadership institute is a way to help the on-campus SVA leaders gain more involvement in their schools and how to become better leaders for their chapter. 

This will be the SVA’s 8th Annual Leadership Institute held from Sept. 10 – 13, in Washington, DC. Two OLLU students will be attending the three-day trip. Their goals are to bring back information on ways to help veteran students. It was not easy for the students to get into this event there was an application process and a 60-second video on why the student should be selected. There were about 100 applicants that were selected to go to the leadership institute and just two of our OLLU students were selected.

According to the SVA leadership institute website, the attendees will be attending tours and meeting, special evening activities, the mentorship program where SVA Alumni mentors will be teaching and etc. The mentorship part is for all the attendees to grasp the information to bring back to their campus and to bring better leadership behavior to their chapter.

Tricille M. Otineru, President of Student Veterans of America, said “ I am very excited I have not been up toward the Northeast area…. hopefully going to the institute I will be able to come back with the skill set to help other student veterans on adjusting on whatever they need help on. ” Not just the President of Student Veterans of America will be attending but the former treasurer of Student Veterans of America will be there as well. Ann A Stalcup, Student Veterans of America member said, “when doing the one minute video, we as the students have the energy on what we want to do, but we can’t seem to find the way to get more participation or even getting some feedback on what needs to be done.” These two students were chosen for a reason to start a change within the campus by bringing more awareness to those veteran students at OLLU. Their goal is to bring some feedback and start using there training that they learned to help those veteran students to open up and stay connected.

For more information to join the SVA please contact Tricille at tmotineru17fl@ollusa.edu and for those VA students who want to see change and want to go to the leadership institute do apply next year at https://institute.studentveterans.org to change your school and to be part of something.


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