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Flu season is here so to make sure that everyone on campus stays safe OLLU assistant director of health and services tells us more on what you should expect. Flu season typically runs from October to march. Here’s what you need to know about this falls season to protect yourself and others.

Juile Kneupper OLLU assistant director of health and services says
the interesting thing about the flu is that it can sneak up on you.

“Different from cold or allergies the flu kinda hits you like a mac truck you might be feeling fine one second then the next second wow you can have fever you can have running nose you can have a cough you can have body aches you usually don’t feel very well when you have the flu.”

She continues to clarify there are necessary protocols to ensure a safe school environment for students.

“Well you know it follows the same protocol that the COVID protocol is if your feeling bad do not go to class do not go to work stay away from those in your home who might a compromised immune system you want to distant yourself just be aware of your own self.”

There is some steps that you could take yourself to recover if caught up in the flu season.

“Here’s the thing about the flu the flu you don’t take a pill for the flu there isn’t a antibiotic. antibiotics its for a different kind of affection the flu is a virus so sometimes you just have to let it run its course.”

Its important that we keep everyone on campus safe. so if you have any signs or symptoms please stay in your dorm or home to insure a safe school environment.

That is all for now this has been Joshua Padilla from Lake Front Fast Cast.

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