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Several ways one can help Ukraine during Russian attacks

Due to the Russian invasion that has left thousands of Ukrainians dead, homeless, and separated from their families, many people around the world feel compelled to support Ukraine during this difficult time.

Those interested in helping can do so in several ways:

Doctors Without Borders

An organization called Doctors Without Borders provides medical care during humanitarian crises. Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, some doctors have decided to stay behind to assist those who are in need of medical attention.

Donations will provide hospital staff with emergency medicines, casualty kits, and more training to prepare them for what lies ahead.

Voices of Children

The Voices of Children charity is based in Ukraine and has served the psychological and psychosocial needs of children affected by wars in Eastern Europe since 2015. 

Due to the recent attacks by Russia on Ukraine, Voices of Children has provided emergency psychological assistance and helped children and families relocate to safer locations.

The donated funds will be put to various uses within the foundation that ultimately benefit the children and families at a time when they need aid more than ever.

Kyiv Independent

Kyiv Independent is an English-language newspaper that has continued to operate and publish despite unprecedented attacks coming from Russia.

Using the donated funds, Kyiv Independent will be able to respond to cyberattacks, bombings, and invasions more effectively.

Sunflower of Peace

Sunflower of Peace is an organization based in Bosten that has helped provide medical supplies to frontline doctors. These backpacks are now being given to Ukrainian soldiers and citizens that have been affected by the several Russian attacks in the country.

The donations will be used to fill each backpack with medical supplies, such as bandages, gloves, and ibuprofen, for five to 10 people in need.

Vostok SOS

As a non-governmental organization, Vostok SOS provides assistance to victims of military aggression throughout Eastern Europe.

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Vostok SOS has prioritized helping people evacuate, providing humanitarian aid and offering psychosocial support.

The donations will allow for the continuation of medical and humanitarian aid.

Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine is an American non-profit that has worked closely with Ukrainian organizations. It is currently assembling supply packages for people in Ukraine in need of basic supplies.

The donated funds will be used to provide diapers, baby food, medical supplies and dry foods to children and adults in need.

International Committee of the Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross has been collaborating with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society to improve its ability to meet humanitarian needs in Ukraine during the ongoing conflict that Russia has inflicted on the country.

Donations will be used to provide emergency assistance such as emergency food, water, medical equipment, and emergency preparedness to hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The organization is also working to fix damaged water stations and homes to ultimately reunite families.

UN Refugee Agency

UN Refugee Agency is an international agency that has devoted resources to providing emergency assistance to Ukrainian families.

Donations will be used to provide cash assistance and resettlement opportunities for Ukrainian citizens to live in the United States.


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been providing assistance to world’s children in need for over eight decades.

Under the unprecedented conditions in Ukraine, UNICEF placed a special focus on nutrition, HIV prevention, education, psychosocial care, sanitation, and protection for children and families.

The Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe

Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) Europe has created resources to help support those trying to leave Ukraine, including a survival list.

The resources include maps, phone numbers for transportation and evacuation plans for those who are undocumented.

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