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By: Katelyn Jurardo

For college students, spring break is one of the most anticipated events during the school year. This break gives a huge relief to students after the start of the spring semester. Many students use this week off to their advantage and as a way to de-stress from the overload of school work. Whether you may be leaving the city or staying in locally, here are ten activities to do during the time off:

  1. Picnic at the Park– Enjoy a nice homemade meal while also enjoying the warm weather outside with friends. Not only are homemade meals the best kind of meals, but this outing is also budget-friendly and won’t break the bank.
  2. Drive-In Movie– If you’re someone who enjoys the feeling of nostalgia, but is looking to switch up your style of movie viewing, then visiting a Drive-In Theatre is perfect. Taking a trip out to the local drive-in facilities will definitely feed the desire of indulging in this ’50s era experience, as it is family, budget, and pet friendly. If you do consider viewing movies at a drive-in theatre during the break, San Antonio does offer two locations: one at City Base Entertainment and the Mission Marquee Plaza. New Braunfels, a thirty-minute drive from San Antonio, also has a Stars & Stripes Drive- In Theatre.
  3. Catch Up On Sleep– Obviously as a college student, having a messy sleeping schedule is more common than one would think. If you’re like me, then sleeping is definitely something any individual would consider during their week-long break. Since you have the time, you might as well catch up on sleep, especially since homework isn’t something students tend to accomplish during this time (although it should be a priority!!).
  4. Self Care Day(s)– While you have the time off to relieve from the stress school may cause, it should always be a priority to take care of yourself first! Whether you decide to visit a 5-star spa house or put on an at-home mask, giving yourself some well needed attention is definitely healthy all around. If you may be looking to enhance your natural beauty, surfing the web for some DIY masks could do wonders!
  5. Go Swimming– Yes, Texas weather is known to be a bit chaotic, but as the new spring season blooms, so does the warm weather. No matter where you are during the break, you should definitely grab your pals and host the seasons first pool party, weather permitting of course…unless swimming in the cold is what you’d prefer!
  6. Attend Down Town Festivities– There always seems to be something to do downtown, regardless of where you may originate from. Being a native from San Antonio myself, I always seem to find new thing to do whenever I am in the area. Of course, walking around the River Walk is a must, but in case you’ve already accomplished doing so, here is a list of some events happening in the month of March in downtown San Antonio:

 March 13, 2019 – Movie Night in Milam Park: Ralph Breaks the Internet
 March 14, 2019 – Tejano Music Awards – Market Square
 March 15, 2019 through March 19, 2019 – St. Patrick’s Day Artisan Show
 March 16, 2019 – St. Patrick’s Day Festival & Parade
 March 16, 2019 through March 17, 2019 – Dyeing Of The River Walk Green

7. Get Active– Typically it can be a challenge to stay active while also serving as a college student. With school being the main priority for most, gym or physical activity declines, but thankfully having a week off doesn’t mean it has to be dreadful if you’ve been meaning to become active again. It is never too late to jog around the block or even start a new gym membership for any of you gym enthusiasts that may be reading this! But if working out isn’t your cup of tea, you can always get ‘active’ within the community and volunteer!

8. Go Tubing– Yeah, swimming is fun and all, but tubing is definitely better, since it is packed with more adventure! Not only is tubing a great way to socialize within the college- aged community, but you can also admire the nature you’re surrounded by within the local rivers that allow tubing activity. Some rivers that are known for being great tubing sites include the Comal River, San Marcos River and Landa Falls.

9. Date Night with Friends– In most cases, the best dates are the ones that are unexpected, so if you’re like myself and live that #singlelife, why not call up a few friends and host a date night?! Whether it may take place at a fancy restaurant or at someone’s backyard, getting your group of friends together will definitely lead to lasting memories!

10. Update your Wardrobe– What’s not to love about going out and shopping for new clothes? Having to spend money of course! If you have too many hoodies and need to update your closet for the spring weather, thrifting for some new pieces is always an adventure, especially since you’re able to upcycle thrifted items. If you prefer to spoil yourself and shop ‘til you drop, you can always shop for new items at the mall. While doing so, always remember that money comes and goes, so treat yourself and get that nice looking tee or over-priced hat! You’re only young for so long!

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