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SAN ANTONIO— Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but this year’s celebration will be different.

“I haven’t planned what to do on that day,” said Wendy Garcia, a student at Our Lady of the Lake University. “It’s hard to do things due to [Covid-19].”

 Even with the Covid-19 restrictions, it is possible to make it memorable. 

“For Valentine’s Day, I plan on staying safe and staying in with my best friends and having a girl’s night,’” said Sacnite Blanco, a student at Our Lady of the Lake University.

Here are 10 social distancing activities that you and your significant other or friend can do.

  1. Go on a hike. 

Looking for an outdoors adventure? Find a nearby hiking trail and enjoy the beautiful sights and fresh air. It is a great way to bond and unplug from reality.

2. Have a picnic. 

It is not always about a fancy dinner. Bring out your recipe book and a blanket for an indoor or outdoor picnic. It will be a romantic and memorable day.

3. Have a game night.

A little competition never hurt anybody. Take out your board games and be ready to have fun. 

4. Plan a movie marathon.

Bring out a blanket and popcorn. Spend some quality time binge-watching your favorite shows or movies.

5. Go to the San Antonio River Walk.

Photo credit: The San Antonio River Walk

This year, the San Antonio River Walk Association announced that the holiday lights will illuminate through Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the lights with a walk, a ride on the riverboats, or a dinner at a restaurant. 

6. Visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

Photo credit: SA Keys Property Rentals

Want to enjoy the wildlife without having to walk? Located just outside of San Antonio, you get to enjoy the wildlife safely in your vehicle. You get a free bag of food with the purchase of your ticket and have the option to buy more. It will be a fun adventure. 

7. Make some crafts.

Get your creativity on and enjoy a craft night with snacks and a lot of fun. You can make a gift for each other or have a competition about who made the more creative craft.

8. Visit a museum.

Photo credit: Smithsonian Magazine

There are different museums that you can go to. Find the one that gets both of your attentions and purchase your tickets. Be prepared to have some thoughtful conversations. 

9. Visit the San Antonio Zoo.

Photo credit: San Antonio Zoo

You might not have a date for the Wild at Heart Dining Experience, but it does not mean you cannot participate in other zoo events. There is a Cry Me a Cockroach! Fundraising event, where you get to name a cockroach after your ex. This will definitely make it a fun day.

10. Visit the Pearl.

Photo credit: Visit San Antonio

There is no better place than a unique culinary and cultural destination for a date. You will be able to enjoy a walk, live music, local shops, and restaurants. 

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